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Hide and Show Your Bookmarks

Neteraser is a great hide bookmarks software tools that can allow you to easily hide and show your bookmarks bar list, if you have private bookmarks and you don’t want anyone else to see them, then Neteraser hide bookmarks is the tool you need, this hide bookmarks bar feature only works on Internet Explorer browser.

How it works is when you open the software, you will want to go to the repair tab, and then system repair, then click on the Bookmarks/Favorites option, the software will automatically load all your saved bookmarks from your browser, from there you can chose to hide or show your bookmarks bar list, this feature only works on Internet Explorer at the moment, so you can chose to transfer your bookmarks to Internet explorer to protect them.

Utilizing an internet browser, a bookmark is a preserved hyperlink to a website which has been added to a listing of saved links. When you find yourself searching for a specific Website or home page and need to be able to instantly get back to it in the future, you could generate a bookmark for it. You may consider your internet browser as a guide filled with countless Website pages along with a few well-placed bookmarks which you have selected.


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