Delete and Remove Junk Files

NetEraser is a leading privacy software program that can clean and remove junk files to speed your PC and clean your hard drive.

As a result of regular usage of your pc, your hard disk drive can become filled with thousands of Junk Files. These types of junk files are built by Windows along with other applications that writes temporary data files, during installing and when operating, to your hard disk drive which they have to perform to be able to work.

The more data files you have on the hard disk drive, the longer it will take to access data files when using the PC, the more computer data you have on the hard disk drive, the overall performance is significantly slower.

Getting rid of the garbage data files from your system could get back megabytes and even gigabytes of useful hard disk space on your hard disk drive. This would provide you with a lot more hard disk drive space for brand new applications in addition to data files such as photos, videos or even other essential data files and helps stay away from potential PC problems due to low disk space.


delete junk files